Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something new

Hi everyone! Hope you had a very merry Christmas. Things are still a little crazy in our household. Hubbys' new knee is coming along fine and we are trying to have some kind of schedule that resembles normalcy. It won't happen,but, we love to see how close we can come. Did you try anything different this year? I tend to do the same thing but different. You know, I'll be making some dish or craft and even as I do it I'm thinking of how I want to change it up a little. Know what I mean. This year I decided to make something I've never done before. Dipped pretzels.These were a big hit. While searching for something simple fun and tasty came across a southern fairytale .If pretzels aren't your thing,don't worry,she has lots more treats for you to try.

Her suggestion to cut and wrap taffy sheets on the pretzels would make things easier and not quite as messy. However I was unable to find them when I wanted to make these so I melted caramels instead. It finally hardened enough to dip in chocolate

I left some plain and others were rolled in whatever confection I had on hand.
This was a trial run before the holidays. At Christmas time the final dip was in a combination of chopped walnuts and crackled holiday bark. You can't see those because we ate them all up. I think for Valentine I'll do them in red and white sprinkles or maybe heath bar crunch. They really are that good. What would you put on them.............asked the hobbit

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mangocheeks said...

I think its great to try different recipes and flavours.

Your dipped pretzels look great and I can see them being a big hit at different foodie events. I like your idea to sprinkle them in red and white for Valentines day.

I'd have a go at making these, but in the U.K i have only ever seen the traditional style pretzels and they are heavily salted.