Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here in New England

What fun! This weekend was spent in Portsmouth N.H. Prescott Park.Our youngest SARAH was performing Shakespeare in the park.

This was a first at Prescott since they have always done a children's play for summer fun.

They chose Midsummer Nights Dream. This is one of Shakespeare's lighter plays and, a fantastic job was done by all involved. Of course, there was a sufficient amount of death and mayhem to keep everyone's interest.Then intermission gave us an opportunity to walk around the park

and view some awesome sites. This bridge was dedicated in 1923 and up until a few weeks ago saw traffic crossing from Portsmouth into Kittery Maine. Of course in the summer the center of this bridge went up every 30 minutes like clockwork,so, you had to really time your trip.Repairs are set to begin in the near future.
Spanning to the right of the bridge in the far distance you see a building that was used as a prison during World War II. When it had served its purpose it was filled with cement top to bottom so that it would never be used again. And so came an end to intermission and back to the play.
Deep conversations of undying love and commitment and of course in the end.
They lived happily ever after and a good time was had by all. Tadah....................said the hobbit


The Hobbit said...

ust left a comment and then realized i can't send it.

So, here it is if you want to add it or just enjoy!

"You are the best, best, best for sharing this! I loved seeing Sarah preforming - love the second shot so much. Thank you for sharing. I know as a mom it is what you do, but... thank you anyway!"


The Hobbit said...

thank you Pam. VERY PROUD!!!