Friday, September 9, 2011

Here in New England

Do you know someone that has made preserving the past their purpose in life? I am fortunate to know LIZ AND JEFF and their wonderful farm. They made the choice to live on this farm,raise sheep and lamb and educate people to a way of life that is still possible. For the second year they have opened their doors to the public to show how it's possible to live with the land and share with each other so many great talents.

Many of these crafts were available to purchase but, every artisan was also there to give you hands on instructions if you wanted to try yourself. Of course most have been at it for quite a while so their finished product was most tempting to purchase. The baskets were of the highest quality and would make a great gift by themselves or filled with fresh bread and homemade jam.

These adorable felted animals are made by Liz's niece and she proudly displays them with all her local yarns. Isn't that how families should support each other?

I fell in love with these and I wish my camera could have done them justice. They are 16x16 napkins. She uses the finest of threads to weave patterns that she remembers seeing. I have her card and will be placing an order for a few real soon.

Also on my must have list are these 100% wool blankets. The wool comes from her sheep and they are woven in Nova Scotia. They are over sized and even a twin would fit a double bed with overhang. At $75 for the twin size how could you possible go wrong. It was a wonderful day and I was introduced to so many new arts. I'd love to do them all but, I have decided to support my local artist instead of copying them. So this year for Christmas I will be making some of my gifts but some I'll just say I made it..................Naw, just kidding............said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

The blankets and the napkins are especially beautiful! I want one of those blankies someday!

The Hobbit said...

I am definitely going to Liz's to get one!!

Margaret said...

The blanket reminds me of a blanket my mom brought from Italy when we first immigrated to Canada in 1970, she still has it. Camel colored wool with three white stripes at the top and bottom. Does the artisan deliver to Canada?