Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I made for Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and now I can talk about a special Christmas present that was made this year.My children are champions at finding out what I have planned for Christmas.So I don't dare speak a word about my plans till they have their present in hand. Even then they seem to have that look that says.............I know what's in this box! Know what I     mean?
Every year I try to make something for one of my children using the wool from my brother's sheep.My sister-in-law always makes sure that some of her wool is available in the most natural state.This coffee/latte color is my favorite and I finally was ready to make my firstborns sweater this year.I decided to go with a simple sweater that had a loose and comfy look.After much research I decided to go with this PATTERN It's the Harry Potter sweater without the initial.Smart choice if your doing a sweater that can't be tried on for a size check.
                                                                    Nice full 3 inch cuff
                                                              Comfy rolled collar with plenty of stretch
The results a sweater that looks and feels great!! He loves it so much that he has asked several times if I could make another just like it. He'll have to get to the back of the line as I still have one child left to make THE SPECIAL SWEATER  for. Do you think she'll figure out that she will be next??? I won't say a word if you don't.............said the hobbit


Jeannette S said...

Wow that is beautiful! You do such stunning work!

The Hobbit said...

Thanks Jeannette I'm lucky to be surrounded be lots of crafters always there to turn to should I get "stuck"

Connie said...

That is so beautiful. Am glad your son appreciates your work - that make it all worth it. The color is gorgeous.

The Hobbit said...

It does warm the heart when they appreciate the effort.