Thursday, February 6, 2014

Building a community

I have a circle of friends that get together to knit and I refer to them as my "pond".We are from several different towns yet, we consider ourselves neighbors...........all have similar yet different interest and we support each others efforts.It takes work and patience to develop such a community but, the rewards are so worth it.

One of my daughters has taken this to another level.She lives in a small N.H. town that once was thriving and oh so proud of it's people. Time has taken it's toll and like many small towns all over the country, people have forgotten how to be neighbors.Leave it to the younger people to come up with a plan.
A few years ago one of her friends started a tea shop were people could get together and talk about what they wish for the community. There were many naysayers but, he hung in there and kept taking baby steps with his project. He is committed to the project and now..........local musicians pop in to entertain on a regular basis.

Young people come to  share their hopes and dreams for the town and no one thinks that a plan is too small or too big to give it a try.Daughter Sarah (in red) waits her turn to explain her plan to bring DANCE to the area.
A local photographer put together these photos of her company.What started as a conversation with friends is now becoming a reality.

Of course there is always time for a little whimsy and I had to take a picture of these creations from the HEADHUNTER series of Mugwump Made. Artist Kay Koczarski had her knitted works on display,yes,those teeth are knitted.The tea shop is currently they haven't given up. They need a larger location to move forward with "the plan". It amazes me what these young people have accomplished. Can't wait to see what the next year brings...........................said the Hobbit

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