Friday, October 3, 2008

new Beginnings

Well, my little friend Champignon and I have something to tell you. We have decided to start a business of our own. I know many of you will say this is a bad time to get into such a venture ,but, hear me out. As many of you know I have been cooking at Tuttle's Red Barn for the past ten years. No I am not leaving!!!However when fall comes around I always long to cook
nice,warm comforting soups. I beg and plead but, with so many chores around the barn and preparations for the holidays there's just too many things already on the to-do list. No time for soup-making! Until now.......
So it is with encouragement from my friend Lucy Tuttle, that I venture out to cook the soups on my own.
The plan is to make three different soups on Wednesday of each week and to deliver them into my peoples home or office by Thursday. Of course I plan on using local meats and vegetables and my homemade broths will be sodium free. Nothing but the best for my people!
My first 3 soup are *turkey noodle
*cream of tomato
*Italian wedding soup
At the cost of $9 a quart they'll have warmth and comfort in a nice little bucket. That's right the Hobbit found a cute little qt. bucket with a handle and all.
Well I guess there's nothing more to say if you need me you know my e-mail. Just in case Some of my local people are reading this it's doverptchef at yahoo dot com Well that's all for now just one more thing to do................................said the Hobbit

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Anonymous said...

Sweet nectar of the gods this is the greatest soup I've ever had, my Mom used to make soup this good oh wait you are my Mother. The soup is great Mom and your the best.