Friday, December 19, 2008

Family gathering

Well tomorrow should be a big day.My husbands' family has their annual Christmas party. Usually I am unable to attend but, this year things worked out for me to finally join in the fun. By Sunday I should have pictures of the family to show. All on their best behavior for certain. In the meantime I thought I'd show you a gift from Christmas past. This is the platter we use for Mr Tom turkey. It was made by our son Thom. All the little drawings are places we lived starting with my home in Candia,N.H. followed by Manchester,Metarie La. Scarborough Me. Neptune Beach FlaFarmingtonN.H. and finally Gonic. I thought it was a great idea and maybe someone out there would enjoy making such a platter for someone they know. Well it's off to bed now so much to do before the big parrrrtie. I believe I'm suppose to be at the farmers market for 9am.Already the day is getting a little too short Oh and I musn't forget to pick up a prezzie for the scotch exchange.
Times a wasting I'd better get some rest goodnight all........said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

I love that platter, and the idea! If we hadn't lived in over thirty places I'd make one for myself! That said...the kids are just starting out!