Thursday, February 12, 2009

coming up for air

Wow, I can't believe how time consuming this project has been.All I seem to do is check the pantry check my mental recipes go back to the pantry.It's one big circle but, I'm not giving up I plan on keeping track of my food expenses for the year so there are bound to be ups and downs. Today however, I am taking a break and stepping away from the pantry.I need to talk about something else,food is swirling in my brain, so, today we are avoiding that subject.

See these little rattles? They are helping me keep my sanity when I'm not stressing about food. I found the pattern on Purl Bee
They're a great little shop in New York City.Going there doesn't happen too often but I manage to go to their website for inspiration on a regular basis. These rattles are surprisingly easy to make,I think I'll try to keep them on hand for the baby boom that is coming.
This is a shawl I'm working on with local wool.The pattern is lacy and I'll have better pictures soon. This yarn was done by hand and was uneven in texture and color. It was a new venture by my friend Liz. I recently made a similar shawl for Sarah
and thought I'd do another while I have the pattern in my head. The yarn went to stitch and bitch on Tuesday evening because you need about six hands to wind a ball. It has those little fuzzes that love to bond with other fuzzes they met so it took a little patience to get it all wound up .As you can see we won the battle.

Before I go I must show you what I see outside my window at work. Picture isn't the greatest,I was so excited to see these cardinals. There were six males in all and I couldn't get them to squeeze in for a group picture so,this is the best I could do. Aren't they one of life's little pleasures?
Hope you enjoy them as I did.....................said the hobbit


GenerallyGemma said...

Beyond cute! We have a couple of babies due amongst friends soon too so I think these are a deffinate make!

S'mee said...

My gramma grew up in Prussia, then moved to Canada, and then down into New York. She married my Grampa and went to Michigan. Sometime in the early 50's she moved to SoCal and never looked back.

Except at Christmas. She wasn't a fan of the cold or snow, but she missed her Cardinals. Her cards nine times out of ten were very similar to the view from your window. Grey misty bare tree scenery and a bright red cardinal, or two, to brighten up the wintry doldrums.

You gave me a sweet memory back this morning. Thanks.

S'mee said...

Hobbit, if you want to play, your letter is "G"!

Suzanne said...

Those baby rattles are precious! Just love your knitting with the lavender handspun, I look forward to seeing more pictures of it as it unfolds.