Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learning curve

Just a little update about our Tuesday night knitting group. Last October Michelle fell in love with this pattern and purchased it on line. She had never followed a chart and decided to make this her first project. She must have started and restarted the sweater 5 times before we realized the error was in the instructions. With the holidays speeding towards us,she decided to put the project away and not think about it for awhile.

Well, I guess that was the right thing to do because after about three weeks she had figured out the error in the pattern and was able to finish this loverly sweater right down to the slinky walk down the cafe runway. I'd must say Michelle,"job well done".

Now that's what I call perseverance....................said the hobbit


S'mee said...

geeze-a-lou! Just looking at that first photo makes my mind explode! Kudos and 1 million points to her for finishing the sweater! Fabulous!

Mich said...

Thanks for the recognition! Took me about 4 weeks to complete when I finally got it going ")See you Tues.

Jnette said...

Wow that is a gorgeous sweater!

Jnette said...

Wow that is a gorgeous sweater!