Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our first knitalong

This is going to be stitch and bitchs' first knitalong.Several of us will be doing a scarf from the Boutique Knits.

According to the cover they have 20 must have accessories .We have chosen the Pseudo shibori scarf as our first project.It's really very simple,however it does introduce us to a new process,which we will discuss as we move along.This pattern consist of 6 rows which you repeat till you have a desired length.

We have chosen our yarn and are just about ready to start.Recommended is single ply using #4 needles.Do remember this is a scarf and using different weight and needles will just make it your very own.The single ply mohair combo used in this picture makes for a very dramatic piece which would be perfect for an evening at the theater or some other gala evening however most of us won't be attending any functions of that sort in the near future so we are using what we feel is right for us. If you want to knitalong please do and let me know how the project goes for you.Here are the 6 rows that you repeat till It's long enough for you.
Cast on 54 stitches.
Row 1 Knit in front and back of 1st stitch.Knit to within 3 stitches Knit 2 together knit 1
Row 2 Purl all the way across.
Row 3 Same as row 1
Row 4 Knit all the way across
Row 5 Knit in front and back of 1st stitch purl to within last 3 stitches purl 2 together purl 1
Row 6 same as row 4
Come on now I know you can do this.

This is another scarf from the same book .It's done in 3 pieces .The neck band is felted and as soon as it's ready I'll be showing some photos. So now join in the fun. Get those needle going. Hmmm I think a lace weight cotton might even look nice..................said the hobbit

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