Tuesday, September 29, 2009

something new in the kitchen

Everyone up to their eyebrows in yard work? Well I should be,however I put off so long that it's pouring outside and I now have a legitimate excuse to do a little creative work in the kitchen.In an effort to eat less meat I've been trying a few veggie recipes that are satisfying and appealing to both my husband and I.

All I need is color and I'm a happy camper.These 2 recipes fit the bill.The first is Peanutty Pasta, a simple dish that is good hot or cold. Cook pasta of your choice,drain and rinse. Slice 2 red sweet peppers and a couple of handfuls of cut snow peas.

In a blender or food processor mix 1 jalapeno with or without seed (depending on your taste)1/3 cup of good peanut butter,2 chopped garlic cloves 1/4 cup each rice wine&soy sauce,2 Tbls sesame oil and 1?4 cup warm water. Process till well blended,pour over noodles and allow the flavors to sink in for 30 min on the counter or longer in the fridge.Not exactly as good as carrot cake but,pretty close.
This next recipe is very visual . The recipe for these tarts came from Martha Stuart Living

Aren't they adorable.I made them a few times for the Barn and they went over quite well. The shell is cornmeal and put in a small spring form pan. Veggies are pan roasted in a wine sauce.When cooled decorate with ricotta and sprigs of basil. I know some of my sprigs are a little large but, it's the smallest I could find that day..............said the Hobbit


Margaret said...

Both of these look delicious. As much as I like the sun and dry weather I'm looking forward to the cooler, rainy days so I too can spend time in the kitchen and on my sewing projects.

Connie said...

The color makes these look so yummy. I guess I am like you, I need color in my food to want to eat - especially when it is an all veggie meal. The roasted tarts I could almost smell - I do not do much roasting - I think I need to try more.