Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you see what I see??

Check out this hive. It measure about 24 inches top to bottom and was as big around as I am.

While bringing in the groceries for cooking at work,I spotted this out of the corner of my eye.It was in a rhododendron bush just inches away from the rear of my car.Whenever we come in to cook we brush up against this bush. We are lucky to have the university close by and we soon got the info wee needed.It was a bald face wasp nest and we should disturbing it because the wasp are VERY dangerous. OK now what do we do.

Just when we thought we had a problem along came a skunk and torn that nest to pieces.It seems they love larvae It's kinda like caviar to them.Next morning all that was left of the nest was scattered on the ground and hardly recognizable. I never thought of a skunk as a hero but, he certainly saved the day.

something else new for us on the farm are these artichokes.Has anyone else tried them this year?Aside from being an excuse to eat lemon and butter we're not quite sure what to do with them.They came up beautifully so I guess we'll try them again. Maybe you can tell me what you do with them...............said the Hobbit


Connie said...

The size of the wasp next took my breath away! That is only the second time I have seen one that big. A lot of wasp can live in there! We just got rid of 100's that were living in a log.

Had no idea a skunk would save the day. What timing!

Have never done much with artichokes - too much work for too little. LOL

pam said...

What a beautiful nest! I am so glad you took a picture before it was destroyed.

We look for deserted nests in the forest and bring them home, still attached to the branch. They are great decorations at Halloween! But you are right - the wasp builders are an dangerous bunch. Best to stay clear.

Jeannette said...

And I never saw a use for a skunk until reading this, thank you :) Our dog has been sprayed a few times in her lifetime and always at O'dark thirty b/c they are nocturnal (rascals)!

Margaret said...

Those artichokes are beautiful and lemon and butter sounds good to me.

I was in downtown Vancouver a few weeks ago and as I walked to the parkade a skunk was walking down the opposite side of the street just easy as can be, with no worry about cars, lights and all the people milling about.