Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard at work

Our knitting group has been making progress on the Christmas list. Everyone has been able to cross of a few more projects This is my son's sweater.I'm not sure why it looks darker in spots.obviously photography is not my forte.This took longer than I had anticipated but not because I didn't work on it.My children will all get a sweater made by me using my brothers wool.He doesn't dye it so all the sweaters will be a very natural color.I think those darker spots are shadows. Anyway the reason it took so long is that I had to wait for another season of sheep shearing to get my wool. Finally the project is done and soon it will be wrapped for Christmas. He has a 52 inch chest so this was quite the project.

This is Sharlene's sweater. It took her longer to decide on a pattern then it did to knit the sweater,her first I believe.

When everyone scurrying to finish projects Cynthia came with this little octopus kitty toy that she BOUGHT. She thought we might be interested in making them.We'll put that on next years list.

Her real strenght is wood.She started knitting this year and has done super but if you quilt you should check out her seam rippers. They are gorgeous.Got to go ,so much to do. Did I tell you a shop in Portsmouth is selling my little sweater ornaments? I've been afraid to see if they are selling. Yesterday she called to say they are sold out and could use a few more if I have them. Guess what I'll be doing..............said the hobbit


Domestic Designer said...

I am very impressed with your completed projects! I am working on 3 right now. They are all in the final stages. I am hoping to complete 2 of them today.....we will see!:-) Have a great day!

Connie said...

So fun to see your lovely completed projects. A major accomplishment! So happy for you that the sweater ornaments are selling. Yes!

Margaret said...

The sweater is beautiful and even more so now that I know how you get your wool. I'm happy to hear your little sweaters sold out, they sure are cute.

Connie said...

Just stopping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for being part of my blogging world.