Monday, December 28, 2009

One more week to go!!

Yep .this is Jiggy (the hubby) ready to call it a day. He and Bitty were a great help through the holidays.They did do their best, however ,this was there favorite thing to do. Jiggy was content to keep Bitty out of my workplace and Bitty loved her new nesting place.
Christmas didn't go as planned this year. Sarah was ill with a cold.Mike (son #2) has in laws with celebrations at the same time ,but,in another state.Renee didn't make it because they made an emergency trip to the hospital.Her husband has a collapsed lung.He's better now but still in the hospital.More info to follow. Right now I'm going to snuggle with the Jiggy and Bitty.I'm exhausted..................said the hobbit

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Connie said...

I think they have the right idea!