Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Bitty's fault

As you know I recently got a kitten. Some of you told me you'd never go down that road again.Maybe an older cat but, certainly not a kitten. I thought "What are they talking about,how much trouble can a little kitten be?"Well ,I was definitely wrong. This kitten has turned our house upside-down.We are forever hiding things or cleaning things up because Bitty is a master technician at getting into things . I won't bore you with the details of things broken,crying over spilled milk is a no no in this house,however I had to lay the foundation for my tardiness in posting about my Christmas ornaments.
This was the first one to arrive. Bitty loved it and wanted to play with it. Having already learnt that lesson I put the envelope on the top of the armoire for safe keeping.

Next day Shiny Suitcase of St Paul Minn. sent this lovely garland. This picture does not do it justice.What looks like tread connecting each piece is actually a fine silver crochet chain. I have decided to use this for birthdays, tea parties and the like.Bitty was so pleased with this one that I had to look at it behind closed doors. It's like she knew what was in it before I did.

Laurie sent this Dr Suess tree all the way from Kansas .It's made of chenille and rick rack on a real piece of wood. Ahuh Bitty was so tickled she started anticipating the mailman. Again all went on the top of the armoire. O goodness,something in the oven .Be back with the rest of the story......................said the Hobbit

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Connie said...

Bitty sounds like a handful.