Sunday, January 31, 2010

More ornaments

Part of Christmas is joining the swap-bot Christmas ornament exchange.This is really fun and a great incentive for new crafters.If you go to the site you'll see that you can swap just about anything. I like to see how creative they get and the different levels of crafters out there.

This one made me smile It's not exactly Christmasy but,she made the effort to be creative which is a plus in my little world.I want everybody to give of themselves at the holidays .Isn't that what really counts.

This little deer was a cutie.I think he came all the way from Canada.I wish I knew where Bitty put him.

A similar design came from Courtney. I love the little pin. I've been given a few by friend and crafters and I stick them on my purse. Suddenly the young people at work think I'm cool. If they only knew.

However these are my favorites. How could they not be. The person who did these was meticulous and I guess this is why I keep going back year after year.So it's the end of January and I promised I'd have my ornaments done for the next holiday season. Right.That didn't happen but, I did decide whatthey will be and have started work on them so I should be able to show you something next time we meet.................said the hobbit


S'mee said...

"S'morenement" hilarious! Now I want both, a real s'more and a s'morenment!

Jeannette said...

Wow how adorable. I love the idea of exchanging. You received some really neat ones :)