Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's the little things

Well ,I'm still taking small step toward self reliance.Last year I decided the paper towels were getting to take over the food budget so I, like so many others ,started making dish clothes. After looking at the different patterns I settled on this one but, I thought it was too small.

I think the original was 8x8.I had to go and tweak it to a whopping 12x12. I quickly realized that 12x12 filled with water becomes very heavy and hard to handle. Lesson learned. However ,not wanting to be wasteful I decided to use the cloth till it fell apart.I have been using this one for a full year and still it's not worn out. After I finish the dishes,I wash the sink with baking soda so,it has no stinky odors. I don't have a dishwasher so you can bet this cloth has worked a full 365 days.

This year I'm cutting down on foil . I can never do anything cold turkey so I'm starting with making sure I use every piece more than once. We have recycling in our town so when the foil finally dies it goes in the bin. I know these are small steps but you do what you can.

Of course such good behavior deserves to be rewarded. This is a prezzie from my husband. It's a Viking professional grade mixer with 3 different attachments. What did I do to deserve this?Would you believe I gave him cooking lessons?Yup ,that's all I had to do.After being married for all these years he finally wants to learn how to work in the kitchen. It was his job to cream the butter and sugar. I explained to him that the mixer sometimes overheat and he might have to do the creaming in two steps.We were making chocolate chip cookies. When the job was done he said" wow honey,I don't know how you can get anything done with this piece of s##t " The next day we went shopping for the mixer. I can't wait for the next lesson...................said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

Hahaha - hilarious! xoxo

S'mee said...

back in the day that's how I got my washer. I became really ill and sweet Thor decided he would pile the offspring, then 2 toddlers and an infant, into the car and drive the half hour into town and use the laundromat...with an assortment of "vagrants and worse". The following Monday I had a new Maytag.

Walking in moccasins seems to be a great way to learn!

(Fab photo icon miss Nerd!)

pam said...

I am sooooo envious of your new mixer! Sooooo envious! I know you are going to totally love it!

My Kitchen-aid has seen so many batches of cookies it is now in desperate need of "first-aid". Needs lots of tender loving care when in use. But still doing the job it was meant to do!

Enjoy your new toy!

Domestic Designer said...

Lucky you! I wonder if my husband wants to learn how to cook? Ha Ha

Margaret said...

I may have to try this lesson's working pretty well for you. But honestly, what a great husband you have.


-Soon To Be Mrs. V said...

That is hilarious! Peps is so sweet! :-)

GloamingDesigns said...

congrats on the beautiful mixer (jealous!)! i've always found that convincing a man of something is sooo much easier if he can *see* the need ;)