Thursday, February 11, 2010

You can do it!

Our Tuesday night stitch meetings are a blessing to" following through". Knowing how to knit is not always the main problem to actually getting the project done. Sharlene has become quite the sock knitter since joining our group.Discovering yarn that creates a pattern as you knit is also more fun. I have to chuckle when a new to knitting person comes in ,takes a look at Sharlene's socks and says"I want to learn to do that".The answer is of course,"You can do it".

Our new stitch researcher is Michelle. She's always finding something new for us to try.

She is currently making a hot water bottle cover and is using this knobby stitch.

I've been working on my Christmas ornaments for 2010 .This is the first step.They're little hats .Everyone has been so kind with suggestions as to how I should decorate them. Got any ideas please pass them on. I'll be posting the progress.Hope to get them done by April.

Of course I can't finish this post without saying Happy Valentine to all. This is the youngest member of Stitch and Bitch and her name is Valentine,of course.Don't forget to tell someone you love them.......................said the hobbit

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Connie said...

You have such a fun group. I think women need that - a time to visit while doing things with their hands.

The little hats would look pretty with something white as an accent. Oh, I suppose some would want gold, or just green.