Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A great Valentine

Did everyone have a fabulous valentine day? Mine was just about perfect. First my boyfriend gave me these beautiful roses.
Then he took me to a favorite restaurant
where we had lots of Mexican food and of course a Margarita.MMMM not too shabby

This made him oh so happy.

He decided to blow me some kisses. Now wouldn't you like to have a sweetie like Aaron take you out for Valentine's? We had a great time.
Some of you have mentioned that finding gifts to make for your sons or grandson's is a challenge. You should hop over to this site I think she might be able to give you a few ideas. I'm rather fond of the tent she made for her boys. Let me know what you think?


Connie said...

So glad you had a wonderful V. Day. Yes, the tent is wonderful. That gives me a great idea for a grand-daughter. Seems the little ones love to hide under things.

thomasd said...

Ahhh Mom - you didn't think I would make it to the site - only took me all week! Thanks for coming out with Aaron and I - tell your real boyfriend we enjoyed having him there too! Just makes you grin... he is getting big fast. Funny thing happened at daycare yesterday - they had the kids on the gymn floor and one of the aides was actually holding Aaron as he watched the other kids. One of the adults said RUN RUN RUN... not knowing that Aaron is well trained to perform when he hears this ... so he starts his running man motion in the clutches of the aid and draws the attention of all the adults in the gymn. They continued to do this to the point where one of the adults said that if they did not stop she would have to change her pants she was laughing so hard. I figured you can picture the scene. Our little ham was having a grand time!

Talk to you soon!
Keep on Cooking!

GloamingDesigns said...

oh goodness if he isn't the cutest thing!! it sounds like it was a very sweet day.

pam said...

You sure had me going for a minute with that boyfriend stuff! My brain was on fire!

What a cutie - I'd go on a date with him any time!