Monday, September 27, 2010

My people are so smart

My knitters haven't stopped all year long.Although we don't always get much knitting done on Tuesday night,we still meet year round to support, suggest, and keep the sisterhood going.
Fall is creeping up on us and we are feeling the pressure of freezing temperatures and impending snowflakes.'s not that cold here yet.That doesn't stop us from being in preparation mod. Some days are summer-like and then we'll have a night of 30 to 40 degrees. You can almost hear old man winter whispering in a creepy voices. "I'm coming".Cindy H. has been making these mitten and hat sets since we started getting together. I haven't actually kept track of the time but,it's been several years. Her work is donated to someone at our local library.They in turn pass them on to some one in need of warm mitten and hats.

Sharlene is my sock queen(although she does has some serious competition) she recently completed this pair for her Christmas list.I wish the colors had come across a little better. We are under an orange light at the coffee shop and I'm always surprised to see what my pictures are like.These socks are lime to bright blue.SURPRISE!!
Cindy S ,it's a popular name in the group, bought this luxurious,soft, to die for alpaca yarn and has been working on a scarf for herself. Every now and then we make something with the full intention of keeping it, but, as the holidays approach there is often a change in plans. We'll see if she is sporting a new scarf or some lucky friend or relative is the recipient of her hard work.
Have you started your Christmas projects yet? Are you on schedule or are you starting to look in your closet to see what might make a good present for someone. So far all is well,but check with me in another month.......................said the hobbit

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Margaret said...

I have started a cardigan for my husband...will it get done by Christmas? Well maybe not this one...

The projects look lovely! Hobbit you are very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful group of women around you.