Monday, September 20, 2010

New beginnings

I know I've been missing in action lately.So much has been going on around here. I always try to give change a little time to settle in before I go public with the trauma of my everyday life.

It is with much sadness that I left my beloved Tuttles Red Barn The farm is being sold and the shop has been unable to keep up with stocking of the products that so many customers have come to expect. Everyday had become a little harder to go in and see it limping along. Its future is totally out of my hands and I came to the decision to concentrate on my "little pond". That being said I am off on a new chapter of my life. Of course change is always difficult ,but,I feel up to the task.

The road ahead may not always be clear but I'm aiming toward a brighter more peaceful setting.
I work best when my surroundings are a little calmer.I have many avenues that I can pursue but at my age I have learnt not to rush into things. Hubby is getting a knee replacement in December so I need to be here for him at that time. That should give me ample time to mull over whatever comes along.

In the meantime I have the loving support of my family,who seem convinced that I can handle anything. You can't beat that!! So off we go on a new adventure. We'll see what life has in store for me this time...........................said the hobbit


staci said...

Best of luck with your new endeavors. I'm sure your patience, perseverence and positive attitude will be rewarded!

daughter said...

Hobbitses are resilient. And creative. And resourceful. And very, very, clever. And they have lots of friends who will help with just about any task. You only have to ask...

(or be in our vicinity so we can push you toward your goalses)

Margaret said...

I am confident that you will find a new rewarding path to walk on. Best of luck and keep us posted.


Geek+Nerd said...

Oh Mum. Very well stated. I know that it is so much more than just leaving a job for you, so you need some healing time. I *am* confident that you can do anything, you'll figure it out! xo!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any wondrous words of wisdom to offer, but I want you to know I am thinking of you during this time of change and renewal and sending you love.