Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, it will go on and on!

I thought I'd give you a look at the Thanksgiving bird.Here he is sitting in the sink waiting for a rinse and clean before being stuffed.

All dressed up full of stuffing and wiped with evoo and decorated with fresh basil leaves. I have to say that's all he needed.

It was just the best. We got this turkey from a local farm and I can't tell you what a difference a fresh bird makes. It needed no brineing or special treatment,just cook and eat. Here's the only problem. This turkey was 34 pounds! We hardly made a dent in it. I have enough leftovers to feed and army twice. We sent everyone home with as much as they wanted,made turkey salad for several sandwiches,took a break of a few days and then feasted on turkey tetrazinni.I froze lots of broth and 5 packages of meat. Each one large enough to make a 13x9 casserole. My husband is in heaven. He loves turkey. What are you doing with your leftovers? I think I'll do lasagna with mushrooms and chard in a white sauce next.....we'll see,said the hobbit


GloamingDesigns said...

love that you got a 'local bird'! we didn't have too many leftovers because I just made a turkey roulade (couldn't fit a whole turkey in our tiny oven!) but Martha Stewart has a bunch of leftovers recipes that I had wanted to try like croquettes, turkey broth soup with tomato & chile, turkey cheddar and green apple sandwiches, and leftovers shepherd's pie.

Margaret said...

What a beast of a bird! Just think the Christmas turkey is just around the corner..or do you cook something different? Last Christmas I cooked a duck for a change but I think I'll stick to turkey this year.