Thursday, March 10, 2011

winter ,yuck

I know I'm not alone when I say it's time for spring to make an appearance. Just when I thought we were rounding the bend snow came into the picture and we are back to square one.
This would be the garden. Hard to look our there and have visions of little sprouting greens filling my tiny space. So shut door and get back in the kitchen. That's my answer.When I was little my mother would make a super moist chocolate cake that used mayonnaise in the batter. I was happy to see the recipe on the container of Hellmann's mayo this year and thought what a perfect time to bring back a warm and cozy feeling.
Of course tweeking the outcome is normal for me so,I decided against the sheet cake design that they suggested and made cupcakes and one layered heart cake for my honey.

It was great fun and certainly took my mind off the weather that is lurking out there. One bite told me this was not my mothers cake but, we enjoyed it anyway. Mom never made anything from a box, which is why I should have known immediately that this wasn't going to duplicate her usual loving efforts. I'm sure you could do this with any mayo so, for those of you who never heard of mayo cake here is the recipe.

1 box of chocolate cake mix
1 cup of mayo
1 cup of water
3 eggs
1 tsp ground cinnamon (optional)

Place all in a bowl beat on low 30 seconds Beat on medium for 1 full minute. Pour into prepared pans and bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees or till toothpick comes out clean. Decorate as you wish. Certainly easy and not really bad just not what mom use to make.................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

At this point I to don't thing spring will ever arrive. Our weather is terrible but of the liquid variety. Your baking looks delish!

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Margaret,I guess we'll just have to move forward on our own power and not let Mr Sunshine dictate our moods.Somehow I think you're too busy to notice the weather.

Anonymous said...

ACK! I am not going to complain about the mud or the rain anymore! At least I can see the earth!

I hope, I hope, I hope this is your last snow this season.

The Hobbit said...

I'm with you,Pam. I'm hoping we've seen the worst of this years weather everywhere. Sunshine all around with evening rain only.