Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are you thinking garden?

Finally I can put the snow behind be and start to get down to business with the garden. Things are not as bad as this but, it is currently raining and spitting a bit of ice as we speak.

Soon my roses will be back but, for now I'm still in the planning stage. Unlike Mikey(son#2)who just called to tell me that the Farmers Market in his new home town of Raleigh N.C. is open 364 days a year. Shame on him for telling me such news. I think I'll have to plan a trip down there to see for myself after all seeing is believing. Maybe I should start packing now.

This is the state of my Geraniums. Not much to look at. Yet I'm encouraged that they came back at all.

I don't do very well with houseplants,too busy being outside when weather permits. Last year I made an effort to correct this problem and grew this helicopter fern along with an artillery fern. Doesn't look like much because Bitty (the cat) loved eating this plant. I'd hide it and she would find it. As soon as I can I will put it on the porch and maybe it will have a chance. How about you?Is your green thumb being challenged? I will win this battle...........said the hobbit


Anonymous said...

Diane always says that this is her favorite time to "garden" - all dreams and no pests, diseases, or weeds! Just a seed catalog and dreams!

We are thrilled to report that our efforts to start peppers and tomato seeds is so far working well! I have 9 varieties of tomato and NM red chile peppers growing on my dining table!

AND we nearly broke 60 yesterday!

The Hobbit said...

Ah 60 degrees,how I long for a steady diet of that. Good luck with the peppers. Not easy to grow in N.E. Season is often too short,but, still we try.I'm with Diane now is one of the most rewarding time of the season.