Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer in Bloom

Summer came yesterday. I was absolutely smitten and couldn't wait to get out there. Hubby couldn't wait to get on the road and drive, drive and have a nice lunch.

So off we went to do a little shopping and eating. I spotted a local woodworker who was selling wood cubes. I had visions of my porch having these dressed up as tables/eating areas and I quickly ordered 2. I don't have them yet but, I'll keep you posted as to the actual turnout. Then it was off to the Maine Coast and one of Jiggy's favorite restaurants.
THE MAINE DINER ......I quite enjoy this restaurant but, as with all diners the portions are more than I can eat. Jiggs had his favorite SHE CRAB SOUP while I sipped on an ice tea.Then we shared an appetizer of fried seafood and a side order of potato salad. When the appetizer came I thought she was bringing us someone's seafood platter. Really it was that big.We took our time eating and had just enough room for a huge (of course) strawberry shortcake. Now I'm really stuffed and it's time to move on to a farmers market. Hubby is really trying but market to him is
TRADER JOE"S That's ok I know by now what he really needs is a cart to help him walk and I don't make a fuss when we drive right by 2 fresh and local markets. No carts at the eat local and he still has a hard time with uneven ground. The new knee still needs to be babied. Don't tell him I know. We bought all the treats that he loves and can not buy "locally" Dried fruit for his granola pistachios for watching baseball and Canadian cheddar and crackers to root for his beloved Bruin hockey
Meanwhile I'm dreaming of the porch and how I would like it to look. Last year I went to a Quilt Shop in Cornish Maine and this was her porch.

Not perfect but, so welcoming. I thought it was time to dress up our porch and as taking inspiration from hers.

A closer look show a grouping of totally unnecessary items but in just the right colors to make for good eye appeal and fun conversation. My favorite thing was her Nasturtiums.

I immediately went home last year and tried to duplicate these. Starter plants were all gone so I planted seeds in a pot much smaller then hers. Of course I had blooms for about 2 weeks before a frost came. Her pot was a huge cobalt blue about 24 in across at the top. I checked these out at the garden shop and it's a little pricey for me. Besides you can't even see the pot or the crumbled pieces that the UPS man had just made when he hit the pot while backing up. So today is not sunny and gorgeous. A perfect day to work outside,however, the lawn has gotten out of hand and not only does it need to be cut,it also needs to be raked. Really it's that high! Luckily I've learnt to take one day at a time so maybe tomorrow I'll be in the garden.....................said the hobbit

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