Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Wow! Things have been crazy busy around here and I've been struggling to meet all the demands on my time from people that I can't and should not say no to unless I'm on my deathbed. To make matters worst I have tried to post 2 times in the past month only to discover when I pushed the publish button that blogger was in reader mode only till further notice. I hadn't even realized there was a problem. But enough with the excuses, everyone out there is up to their eyeballs in things to do so I just need to get better organized if I want to keep up with this blog.

I need to touch base on my knit-along. Have you forgotten. Just go here for a reminder and leave a comment if you want to join in the fun. The square is made up of 4 rows that you repeat till you have a 7x7 square. It can be done on 4 needles changing to a circular if you feel it's too many stitches. I used double pointed needles and marked my first stitch with a little safety pin See it there on the left hand side?

Hard to believe this will be a square when you finish. Looks like a flower doesn't it? This one is done with leftovers as are most of the squares.

I cast off the stitches on one needle here so you can see the corner and how it appears seemingly out of nowhere.

New squares keep coming in and I've given much thought to where it should be sent. I decided to make the afghan into as many stroller blankets as possible and donate them to my town's Running Nuns. That's right I said Running Nuns We have an orphanage in this town that takes in children while there families try to rebuild their lives. They are a young active and motivated group of nuns that you can see on a daily basis running through our city streets always pushing a carriage and accompanied by a dozen or so runners that the nuns have in"training" for things to come. Although this could be a most trying and difficult time,when you see them out there running and smiling and oh so focused on the task at hand, you just want to do something.It is for that reason that I've decided to make the mini-quilt to cover the little one in the strollers so they can sit back and enjoy the ride even when the weather is a bit more brisk. So take a minute to read their story and send me a square so we can help continue the good work......said the hobbit


Geek+Nerd said...

I had no idea that St. Charles did that! I got a little teary reading the story. Thanks for sharing, mum!

The Hobbit said...

I know, they are really special people and this will be a tiny way of saying thank you