Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's knit a Quilt

Well here it is February and I promised to keep you up dated on the progress we make on the BARN RAISING QUILT. What!!! You've forgotten!!! That's ok, just check out the past blog here.
Want to join in the fun? All you need is some leftover fingering yarn and about an hour of your time to be part of this quilt. The plan is to get as many squares as possible by Sept 1st , then we'll assemble what we have and give away a quilt, anywhere from carriage size to twin bed size. Of course I'd be tickled if we get the larger size done but, we'll see.

This is the most difficult part of making a square. It's started from the center and worked outward ,so, keeping every needle in it's place can be a little trying,but, once you've gone past this point it's all eezy peezy.

A little patience to start and then knowing how to knit a stitch and add a stitch and you could be part of this project. What do you think? come and join in the fun.
Here's what we've gotten so far and it's really starting to take on it's own personality.Don't have time? I've made no final decision as to where to donate the quilt. Have any thoughts on the subject? What would you do............................said the hobbit


Jeannette said...

O I wish I could knit! That looks like so much fun :)
Your squares are really pretty!

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Jeannette,I think we'll have fun with this project too.

Margaret said...

I want to join...can you send me the instructions? I'll also pass it on to the knitting club...yes, I'm now part of a knitting group although I have yet to attend a session. The group meets on Saturday from 1 to 4 and I hope to join in the fun this Saturday after I close the diner.

The Hobbit said...

Oh Margaret I'm so excited That will be great.Will e-mail info

simplesavvy said...

Yes please, include me! I have leftover fingering yarn. No needles though... I see some bamboo skewers-turned-needles in my future.

The Hobbit said...

Christine, We are happy to have you join in the fun!