Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's time for the PIE PALOOZA!!!

Have you ever been to a pie palooza? Well you're missing a good time. Ren,hubby the "G" man and Oskar had a tasting of pies for the month of January.

Tired of everyone being too busy to get together,they are making an effort to get friends and family motivated to get off that couch and have some fun.

A bit of wine ,some yummy cheeses with pepperoni and crackers,and could that be caviar? Well maybe not. Nonetheless a fine presentation if I do say so.

She even made napkins,found a great pie plate and server to give as a door prize. The girl has talent...........what can I say.
And who won that awesome prize??
It was Sarah, who told me not to post this photo. Ren ,of course, said "Do it Mom" It's her party and she makes the rules. After tasting skank pie,chicken pot pie ,vegetable pasta pie, I'm afraid there was little room for dessert. A bit of pecan pie was all I could manage. I sure would have liked to try the apple and the apple raspberry but, I miscalculated as to how much I could eat. February will be seafood month and I can't wait to see what everyone will bring. You see she plans on having an event every month. Well, we all know how short this month is and how time flies so I'd better check my recipes. Let's see, would she want appetizer?main course? salad? Oh my,I think I'd better check with the boss.Is there such a thing as seafood dessert?Naw,couldn't be .......................said the hobbit


Margaret said...

Sounds like fun...but pray tell, what is skank pie, do I want to know?

The Hobbit said...

This younger generation loves to make you wonder. It was meat on the bottom grated potatoes and onions on top and an egg and cream blend then baked. I probably would have called it crustless quiche but,that would be my generation.It made for great conversation and I think that was the point........thanks for asking Margaret

Jeannette said...

I wondered what skank pie was too, lol, what a funny name :)

I love the idea of getting together, that is really great! My friends and I are always saying we will do this. Years have gone by in some cases, I am ashamed to say.

Thanks for posting this :)

The Hobbit said...

You know Jeanette sometimes you just need a little push to get you going. I bet you and your friends would have a great time. What would you have as a theme? We're thinking cupcakes or appetizers down the line. Thanks for dropping by

Jeannette said...

Maybe I'll meet for coffee and see if they are up for something like this. Too much time has passed for some friends, but it is worth a try :)

The Hobbit said...

You can never go wrong when you try Jeannette. Get that ball rolling

lovindovah said...

I think our Tuesday Night Club should do that. Maybe pick a theme and rotate houses every 6 to 8 weeks. Whattya think boss?