Sunday, February 13, 2011

Being thankful

Recently I read a post by my good friend at Gingerbread Snowflakes, who reminded me of the importance of saying "thank you".Of course I sat there reading and agreeing at how more of this needs to be spread around,when it dawned on me that I wasn't saying it nearly enough. In fact I wasn't sure I had said it at all lately. So that's it people I'm making an effort to mind my manners.Let me start with Christine, a member of our Stitch and Bitch group who recently moved to Connecticut where she is trying to become a minimalist and blogging on the trials and tribulations of moving forward. She came to us very much into reuse and recycle and introduced us to the art of reusing wool from sweaters that have been sent to Goodwill or other used good stores. She made us aware of an area that we just hadn't thought of.

We miss her smiling face and thank her for being part of our world.

On her last day with us, she brought in many yarns and buttons that she just felt she would never use. I picked out a few buttons and after a gentle nudge from my fellow knitters I took ALL the buttons home.Did I say Thank you Christine???? I was probably so excited thinking how many different ways I could use them. My mind was in a whirl of activity. What can I do with the button. We shall see.

And now we have Jacki, a knitting newbie. She is such a quick learner that I have trouble believing she just picked up the needles. After just 1 little lesson she came back to us having made the decision that wooden needles were more comfortable than metal and, wool felt better on the hands than acrylic....Wow, that was fast. She is half way through the scarf that she is knitting and already thinking of her next project. Ladies, I think we had better come prepared with new patterns ,as this girl is ready to move forward.

Perhaps she would like to attempt these lovely socks done up by Cindy S. She used Patons Kroy sock yarn which you can find at Ben Franklins or JoAnns Fabric. Well,that's it for today and I must not forget to say THANK YOU to all who read this post..........said the hobbit

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Thank you for finding people in your world that deserve a thank you and a reminder of how important they are in making your life a little better.

I love that you wrote this "thank you" post. You made my day!