Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And now for the Raspberries

Summer madness is officially here. You know, that time of year when you are able to get fresh fruits and vegetables that are local and right off the vine. Why would you call this madness? Well, My head is spinning with new recipes and I don't want to waste any of that precious food that we have all worked so hard to harvest.

Last year I made raspberry vinegar I thought it might be fun,but, was amazed a how tasty and useful this was. A triple batch is in the making because by Christmas we had used ever last drop. Not going to happen this year. Of course starting with the best berries is essential to great results,but , if you're using fresh how can you go wrong? I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who owns just such a farm. Isn't that a great coincidence? So when she called and said the berries were ready I really got excited. I searched my cabinets and fridge to see what I could fix when I got back from berry picking.

In the drawer of the fridge I found 2 grapefruits. I carefully peeled them and then cleaned out the fruit "a la Martha"
There was nothing edible left when it was over.

A little bit of raw honey and then I let it sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning Jiggy proclaimed it heavenly. That man is great for my cooking ego. Of course that was just the beginning. You remember I have that great peel from the grapefruit. What do you think became of that?..........................said the hobbit


The Hobbit said...

Thank you for the link to the raspberry vinegar! OMG - we love the stuff but i never thought of making it. And we are headed out to the berry patch next week! Yaaaaay!


Margaret said...

Sounds good, looks good!

Connie said...

I hope I can remember to try this. I also copied off the vinegar recipe. You are much more creative than I!