Monday, July 18, 2011

Here in New England

Summertime is just filled with things to see and do in New England. We try to squeeze everything into 10 short weeks of summer. This year is no exception,so much to see and do and so little time. Of course I can't start summer without a visit to the sheep and wool festival. Ours was in late May. I know this is July,but, I'm having a little trouble keeping up

Here are some of the sights I saw. This is a bunny!! Can you believe it? He just sits on his owners lap while she spins his hair. My husband thought this was a great idea. He actually said he wanted to have bunnies like this and learn how to spin. What could be better this winter than having a fuzzy bunny sitting in your lap to help keep you warm. As much as I'd love to take him up on his offer to be a spinner, it's not going to happen. I have visions of furry bunnies running around the house waiting to have their fur spun and my husband saying"I did it last week....isn't it your turn?"

Then we saw the llamas. They were dressed as tv character for a parade. I think this was suppose to be Lucille Ball. Not sure,but, Jiggy fell in love with them too.
How about this guy. Now that's some kind of sheep. I do believe he was in for a cut and trim.

Once we decided that one of the animals was not going to come home with us, I bought a skein of lace yarn and am working on a lightweight shawl that would be just enough for those chilly restaurants or maybe that wedding coming up in September. Did you know that a skein of lace yarn has 1000 yards? At least this one did. I wound it all by hand and thought it would never end.................said the hobbit


Andrea said...

Beautiful shawl. I need to relearn knitting. So, do people knit stuff from bunny yarn?

The Hobbit said...

Bunny yarn can also be angora. It's a very fuzzy yarn and also soft,but not all that easy to knit with