Wednesday, October 5, 2011

knit-along "the barn raising quilt"

Well we finally did it! After knitting pretty much for ourselves,our stitch and bitch group decided it was time to give back. So back it February of this year we decided to do something special for someone else.

I found a knitted quilt made from leftover sock yarn that I thought would be perfect.Each person would knit a square that I would then sew into a blanket.
The squares had a natural curl to them and that's how you join them. A simple running stitch just under the lip connect each one.

Then, crochet around the edge and it's done.
I tried to photograph it from different angles to give you a good idea of how it looks.

I hemmed and hawed about which square should go next to which and finally put them all in a bag and sewed them together as they came out.
Here is the finished quilt. It was four squares by five squares and will be just right for a carriage blanket. I'm very proud of my people, their hearts are always in the right place.

With 12 squares left over it looks like we might be doing this one more time. The carriage blanket will be donated to St Charles running nuns,click here for their story.It's a story worth repeating......................said the hobbit.

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daughter said...

Denise, Cudos for the sweet idea and the long-term followup... It was great exercise for my brain to get my hands to knit that square and quite a happy thought it might help keep a kiddo warm. :o)

Will send you (separately) the pic I took of you handing it over to the Running Nuns!

Love ya!