Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's still Christmas

If I could keep the spirit of the holidays alive year round , that would be so special.The girls and I think about making Christmas meaningful throughout the year. Someone is always saying "You know what we should do this year?" Then they proceed to tell me some brilliant idea that will make the day oh so special.

Of course now we have Aaron who makes it oh so easy to remember what Christmas is all about.This year we thought his schedule was too full to spend time with us,but, low and behold a window opened and Aaron was here Christmas Eve.

He is such a little man. I think of him as my people whisperer. When he's around everyone has a smile to share. He's not quite 3, yet every time I see him, he manages to teach me something.
His parents,Thom and Michelle have chosen to teach him sign language. Aaron has chosen to teach everyone he meets,and,he does it so well. Wish we could spread his love around however right now we plan to keep him to ourselves. He's got lots of work to do right here !!
Seems his 2 aunties are suffering from a serious holiday meltdown and could use Aaron's special touch or maybe they just don't like the tams........No that can't be right...................said the hobbit.


Jeannette Stauffer said...

Aw what a wonderful Christmas you had! Aaron is soooo CUTE!! Wish you a Happy New Year! <3

The Hobbit said...

Thank you Jeannette....we try not to brag,but, we can't help ourselves.Happy New Year From our home to yours also!!!