Thursday, January 5, 2012

What we did at our knitting group

December was brimming with project meant for all the special people we know. Of course I wasn't going to post pictures of anyone's work until after they were gifted. People have spies you know.

There were mittens and socks scarves and a most delicate scarf being done for a 4 year old great granddaughter. No pattern here.......just a very dainty stitch that she called french ribbon. The knitter is from France and what struck us as amusing is that in France it is referred to as English ribbon............only it is said in french. What's up with that........very confusing for the hobbit.

On our last get together before the holidays we were 18 knitters and stitchers gather round for an evening of laughs and great progress on our projects.

Cindy S. was working on a table scarf done in wool with each individual pieces sewn with a blanket stitch.

Cynthiaaaaaaa as we call her brought all her lathe turned felters,seam rippers,pens and quilters aids for us to do a bit of local shopping.

I managed to finish 3 pair of fingerless gloves to start 2012 with a bang..........said the hobbit.


Domestic Designer said...

Oh that looks like such fun! Love those mittens! I made my son a pair for Christmas but now I want a pair too! You have inspired me. What pattern did you use?

The Hobbit said...

I used a pattern from Martha Stewart publish in Feb 2009 I believe. I personalized it a bit and crocheted the flowers for a special touch.Let me know how yours turn out...I'd love to see.