Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you thinking garden?

My mind keeps drifting to the garden,wondering how I can improve on last year. This wasn't how I dreamt it would end.

Right in the middle of harvest we had Hurricane Irene which left us with minor flooding in our yard and a twisted mix of weeds and produce sitting in about 6 inches of mud.

So I grabbed my little 3 prong hand tool and proceeded to rototille my garden. I know your probably thinking "Why didn't she have someone till it for her?",but, I'm crazy like that. It took 2 days of intense flipping and digging of my soil,and when it was done I certainly felt like I had won the battle.
Just check out what I found in the garden. Lots and lots of big fat juicy worms. They all said they would bring on a great harvest in the next garden and that I shouldn't throw in the towel quite yet.
The garden is only 12x15 feet. Ever year I try to extend the amount of growing space. This year will be no different. My son in law has made a few boxes which will give me more room to plant without the chore of turning over new soil. Just fill and plant. Sounds too easy doesn't it?

Anyway once that was done I went out and purchased some Cow A Dunga to feed said garden.Of course it's the end of January, the seed catalogues are arriving almost daily and I'm itching to get started. I definitely need more tomatoes...........maybe some turtle beans and green beans of course.......and cukes lots of cukes. What about potatoes? Should I try them.Hmmm........maybe we should call the rototiller guy......................said the hobbit


Jeannette Stauffer said...

It's been warm down here and I've definitely been thinking about the garden too. I keep checking the west side of the house for signs of 1st flowers of spring b/c of this warm spell.

The Hobbit said...

Hi Jeanette...This warm winter is making us anticipate an early spring and long summer, I hope we are not disappointed.

Shaheen said...

Oh wow, weeding never ends!
YOu've done so much on your own. The plot I currently have in Scotland is just a tad smaller than yous, so I know you'll be able to cram loads into there. You may also want to consider pots and containers.

I am grimacing with joy as the small house I am moving to boasts a large gardena nd the landlord has permitted me to grow veg. I am so excited. I can't wait to get stuck in, but first the move itself - literally counting down the days.

Margaret said...

It sure feels like spring is just around the corner. I know worms are good...very good but yuk! Not sure what I'll do with my garden this little spare time. You will be growing award winning veggies and flowers in not time.

The Hobbit said...

Hello Shaheen.........this will be an exciting year for all won't it. Looking forward to all you will do this coming year.'ve taken on sooo much in the past few years. Perhaps you should do herbs and garlic and take a break from all the veggies? I know you could make use of tons of basil. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to continue feeding to soil.I'm sure you'll do what is best for you and your family.I keep thinking I can't start one more project and then I do!!!! What's wrong with me.