Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you thinking garden?

I can't help it...........must be something in the genes. I have food/garden on my mind for most of my waking hours. Trouble is I usually dismiss my brainstorming with a wave of my hand always so sure it probably wouldn't work. Thankfully Christmas keeps me pretty busy and I manage to stop obsessing about the garden. However this year was a little different.........A late hurricane and an early snow storm found me doing cleanup in the garden on a warm November day and I started that..........."Why can't I grow something year round?" feeling. Living in N.H. it's easy to dismiss such a possibility. Somehow this year I just couldn't let go of it.

After weeding out a new area to expand the summer garden I thought. "Why not plant a few seeds under the tunnel and see what happens.

After 2 weeks into November I raised the tunnel and look what I found!!! I know......it's hard to see but, in the lower right hand corner of this picture I spied the smallest bit of lettuce starting to sprout.

At the opposite end of the tunnel (upper right hand corner) The faintest bit of red lettuce. I had a grin from ear to ear. I know ........doesn't take much to make me happy...right? Of course...now I have the bug. I'm anticipating a longer growing season already. How about you? Are you thinking on your garden? ............................said the hobbit


Connie said...

That is exciting! Good for you. Won't it taste wonderful!

The Hobbit said...

Life IS good isn't it?