Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What are we eating now?

This winter I got caught up in an article about MAKING A BETTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. I mean really........... good is good and all chocolate chip cookies are good...... right?

So I looked at several recipes and although there are some variations I didn't see any major differences. But, who am I to make a hasty decision without actually testing?

Being true to my New England roots I chose my recipe from King Arthur Flour. You can get it HERE I've always used the recipe on the chip bag and decided if I was going to explore new territory I should go all out. This version had 2 ingredients I had never used baking soda and vinegar.

I mixed everything as the recipe suggested and then.............

placed it in the fridge for 12 to 36 hours. Thank goodness my children are no longer living at home. Cookie dough ice cream was very much the in thing when they were young and I would have seen my dough slowly disappear if I had left it unattended for that amount of time.
When it came time to bake the cookies they asked that you sprinkle with a bit of sea salt,and so I did.
Now I'm not sure what made them better............I did not put walnuts in as this was not in the recipe. I included the soda and vinegar.........Did that make a difference? I sprinkled with sea salt certainly doesn't sound earth shattering. Of course I chilled the dough 24 hours..........put the cookies out and waited to see if I heard any feedback. My husband was the first to try them......"wow new recipe? These cookies taste great" Really? I guess you can make a better cookie..............said the hobbit


Connie said...

For over a week, I have been on a mission to narrow down my recipes and decide my favorites and get rid of the rest.

Now you are challenging my chocolate chip cookie choice! It seems that most everything I have cooked with vinegar I like better than a recipe without. After reading that article extensively, I can not find the one with the vinegar. I did find the recipe by Jacques Torres.

A lot of the tips made sense ... now to try them!

The Hobbit said...

If you click were it says King Arthur you can find it here. click on here and you should get it.If it doesn't show up let me know and I will forward it to you.

Connie said...

Thank you so much. I thought that was a link for more info about the flour, so my mistake. I am so excited to give it a try.

The Hobbit said...

Not hard to please us, is it? Have fun with it.

penelope10 said...

I made this yesterday, delish!
However, I was out of white flour so used King Arthur white-whole wheat!

The Hobbit said...

Using what you have in your pantry makes it truly your "secret recipe" I have to say this was a successful experiment wouldn't you Penelope?