Monday, June 25, 2012

From my kitchen

Although we are working our little tails off in the garden waging a constant battle on the weeds, we are still waiting for our labor to come to fruition. So to keep busy we check out our cabinets to see what we can make till the harvest starts to come in. And what did I find in the pantry?? 

Lovely pecans that I quickly toasted to add flavor and crunch

Great handmade caramels  that I cut into 1/3's and placed on top of the pecans

And  topped with these Smoky Chipotle Palets  that I purchased from my favorite chocolatier Byrnes and Carlson  Check out these beautiful chocolate bars that they create  HERE

Pop them in the oven just till chocolate starts to melt and what a treat you'll have. Strawberries are in and sitting on the porch with a Persico and strawberry cooler and a few a these can make the wait for fresh produce pretty enjoyable. What do you do while waiting for fresh produce?......said the hobbit


Connie said...

This is the best idea ever! I do not have those ingredients in my pantry, but have cheated with chocolate chips before!

Ah, waiting for fresh fruit - I lack the creative gene. This year I am making fruit smoothies from fruit in the freezer and adding lots of spinach and kale for more nutrients.

I have not been blogging - running to Idaho and Western WA to visit kiddos.

The Hobbit said...

You have been missed Connie...glad to hear that you are well and enjoying yourself. Have you tried candied peel dipped in chocolate? Waste not want not I say