Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuesday night with the girls

Always something new going on with my girls.......This adorable child's hat is as easy to do as 1-2-3. This one was done by Glenice with a pattern that Margie has copied for all of us to try. The pattern has a total of 5 rows and is done on regular straight needles so it would be great for a beginner. I'll be doing one soon so get your needle and yarn ready and we'll give it a try together. This is for children however the pattern adapts for adults. Check your Christmas list might be able to check off a few names with this one. I'm going through my stash of yarn,just regular acrylic is fine. You want to be able to throw this one in the wash and dry so don't get too fussy. I believe she used #8 needles but,if you have 7 or 9 that's probably OK too.

Donna is back!!!! She is one of the main reasons we started our knitting group. However, hubby went through a spell of ill health and her first concern was getting him to all those appointments and treatments.

George is doing much better now and I think this might just be the fun project that she has been looking for.I'll see if she wants to join in the fun.I think when I tell her about the regular needle part it might just be the right incentive. Lord how this girl hates double pointed needles.............said the hobbit


Connie said...

Look at the gorgeous colors in that hat! Love it.

The Hobbit said...

The hat is so simple that color and texture are an important part of this project.......she did good