Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still knitting...........and you?

Special people in our knitting group Gisele on the left and Sue on  right. Gisele is from France and Sue from Quebec. They both ended up in New England and taught sewing in different towns. Their similar interest brought them together and lucky for us came to stitch and bitch and have been busily knitting for the past year. They have been a great addition. Gisele was unable to come this week due to a minor surgery. Get well quickly !!!!! We miss you.

Sweaters ready for fall ..........Cindy S. mad this gorgeous flecked sweater and did an I cord collar. Something new for many of us. Such an easy trick We are all eager to give this a try.If you want to give it a try ........check out this VIDEO  So many uses for this stitch.
Using up my leftover yarn for these little socks that I love to wear over tights in the chillier months.
As you can see Bitty was checking out my stitching........or did she just want her picture taken?
Ok she's finally bored with me taking pictures of my foot and has moved on.

New the year in my knitting are these little leg warmers for baby wear. 

A little ladybug on one end reminds you of what end is down and amuses the child with something new to grab or just look at.
Well that's it for today ........the gardening needs my attention and it has been pretty good to me so I'd better not ignore the calling.........said the hobbit


Connie said...

Your socks turned turned out so pretty! Am glad that Bitty liked them as well - probably begging for a pair.

The baby leggings are adorable! Oh my, it is wrong to envy such a wonderful talent?

The Hobbit said...

I know you could do this Connie. Your a very bright person.Bitty told me so.

Connie said...

Life is strange. I am one of 9 sisters. It seems there was an unwritten rule that you let each sister have her space and did not try to copy her! I know that really was not true, but it seemed that way growing up. I have two sisters who are beautiful knitters/crocheters/tatters. Two are superb quilters, with one even going to nationals. One a beautiful scrapbook-er, another is fab with very unusual crafts. Another a seamstress and another a painter. So what is left for me?