Tuesday, August 14, 2012

time for friends

This summer we had a 50th wedding anniversary to celebrate Good friends of ours have reached that magic number.Our pastor Father Dan came to participate in the  renewal of their vows and bless all who came to wish them well
Both Chris and John have been involved with farming and forestry.  To this day Chris is  helping   her local 4 H tutor young people in the wonders of  gardening.

John worked for our  University forestry Dept. and, he too still remains very involved in his work despite the fact that he is "retired".In their spare time life is focused on their FARM   caring for 3000 berry bushes.Sounds like a lot of sore muscles to me,but, what do I know.What's a party without a cake....Made to look like a slice from a white birch (how sweet is that) the baker  wanted to decorate with pine cones.Pine cones on a white birch??? That must have been what they call "artistic license".The children nixed that idea knowing Dad would have informed them of an "error".

A lesson in square dancing rounded out the event and of course,a good time was had by all as we tried to find the answer to "where did the time go?"                                      ....................said the hobbit


Connie said...

Celebrations are so important to everyone! It is so good for family and friends to gather together and remember. The square dancing sounds like fun - you can mix so many ages at the same time.

Ah, so glad the pine-cones were left OFF the cake!

The Hobbit said...

I realized early in life that you can't wait till later to stop and enjoy the friends you have. It's still difficult for me to justify stopping to smell the roses but,when I do I never regret it.