Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Tuesday night girls

Every week I get together with the girls for an evening of knitting and gabbing and every week they amaze me with what they have done. There is always a finished project for me to photograph. This amazing scarf was done by Margie. Look closely, one side has 3 cables and the opposite side has 2. I was totally in amour of the scarf. I swear she did it up in no time at all.

Not to be outdone Cyndi whipped up this sassy beret.

And, then found time to knit a hat and mitten set for her local charity.

Betty is currently hooked on these cute children's hat that whip up in a jiffy. I really have to blog the instructions on these. They're a great beginner project or if your like Betty and have many grandchildren,you could easily make these by Christmas.

Sharlene's go to hat is know on Ravelry as the Amanda Hat. If anyone out there doesn't know about this site,it is a free knit and crochet community for anyone interested in these skills. Lots of patterns,instructions,and encouragement for all,but,I warn's addictive........said the hobbit


Connie said...

Beautiful work. All of these could be worn with pride. I think the visiting part is just as important.

The Hobbit said...

You are so right visiting is #1 on the list.