Wednesday, November 4, 2015

look mom no heel !!

I love to knit.............and, knowing the history behind a project is even more intriguing to me.Recently I was given a copy of the magazine Piecework where I read about"Operation Kid Knit" 
In 1953 a young officer serving in Korea told his parents of the lack of socks mittens and sweaters that the children were in need of. His parents had a yarn shop in Asbury Park N.J. and touched by their sons plea, got to work on correcting the situation as only knitters can.Working with the Korean authorities soon styles and patterns were created that would feel comfortable to the young children.                                                                                              

It wasn't long before the Ladies Home Journal was involved as were the Girls Scouts of America. Now all they needed was a simple pattern that would let everyone who wanted to help, get those needles knocking.The sock pattern was a tube sock and although it doesn't look like much when not being worn.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I think it looks absolutely marvelous when you slip it on.
What made this such fun was the fact that it has NO HEEL.......All you ladies and gentlemen who would love to tackle socks if only you didn't have to knit the dreaded heel........this project could bring you one step closer.
The project calls for 2 oz of main color and 1 oz of contrasting color
Using #2 double pointed  cast on 48 stitches divide on 3 needles to form a circle.
K2 P2  till you have 4 rows then change color (if you wish) to make stripes .If you want to go with just one color I think 20-24 rows makes a nice cuff. Of course write you choice down so that sock #2 is the same.
Now for the pattern:                                                                                                                                     Round 1 thru 4: Knit 4 Purl 4

Round  5 thru 8 knit 3 *p4 k4*  ending with k1 

Round 9thru 12 knit 2 *p4 k4*ending with k2

Round 13 thru 16 k1 *p4 k4*ending with k3

Round 17 thru 20(a change here)*Purl 4 Knit 4*

Round 21 thru 24 Purl 3 *K4 P4* ending with p1

Round 25 thru 28 p2 *K4 P4* ending with p2

Rounds 29 thru32 p1 *K4 P4* ending with p3
So, you are simple moving the pattern over 1 stitch every 4 rows Repeat these 32 rows until the sock is as long as you want it They suggest Small 12 inches ,medium 17 inches and large 18 inches. I wanted them knee lenght so I repeated the 32 rows 5 times.Then knit every row for about an inch and shape the toe:
Knit 6,,,,,,,,,,knit 2 together repeat to end
knit 2 rows even
knit 5 knit 2 together repeat to end
knit 2 rows even
continue decreasing in this manner till you have 18 stitches remaining place remaining stitches on 2 needles and finish with Kitchener or sew together.
So hope some bravehearts might be willing to tackle this project and feel better about the terrifying sock.Feel free to ask any questions . I want to see everyone out there with a pair of handknit socks
                                                                                                       ........said the hobbit!

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Shira Zipporah said...

I happened to stumble across this post while looking up information about the project. The founders of Operation Kid Knit were my great-grandparents. Thank you for writing about their incredible initiative and for keeping their legacy alive!