Friday, July 18, 2008

As the world turns

Here we are back at the food show. See those numbers on the ceiling? Every number represents about 100 vendors just dying for you to try their product.This year a third floor was added for natural and organic foods. We normally do it in 2 days but we had to return on the third morning to finish up. I tasted more sodas ,teas, flavored waters, energy drinks,natural and organic than I care to remember. We are partial to the cheeses, olive oils and olives themselves. I think of a good olive oil as I would a fine wine.When you taste one you like it goes to your head ,honest.This years favorite was Ariston. Their oil and balsamic vinegar are to die for. After walking up and down these aisle we were exhausted and couldn't wait to get back to our rooms for a quick nap before going to supper. Can you believe after nibbling for 9 to 10 hours we still managed to eat.
Waiting in my room was my buddy Champignon,yes, he was able to make the trip. He managed to jumped into the suitcase at the last minute. He too found the big city exhausting and crawled into bed for a little siesta himself.
Well back to reality,yesterday Jiggs and I went to the urologist but as it turns out that was really an appointment to get an appointment. Monday he is scheduled for a biopsy and then the results will be in 5-7 days. Being a positive person I am only thinking good thoughts and hope that you are sending them my way too. I know these post are on the short side but,it's already 12:30 and I must get up by 6 so see you tomorrow .........said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

The food show sounds so great! Sorry the appt. was a bummer, but you have all of my good thoughts and feelings coming your way! I'll even pop in a prayer or two for free! Hope to see all well soon!