Thursday, August 7, 2008

As the world turns part deux

Well here I am again slowly but surely getting back to a less frazzled state. When last we spoke Jigg's [my hubby] was getting the results on his biopsy. The news was not the best,but, not as serious as he had imagined. Yes it was positive for cancer,such a heart-stopping word,but, with such early detection it would be a problem in 10 to 12 years. At his age they suggested he take a wait and see approach with yearly check-ups. Surgery and radiation are options that he can consider but are not a priority with such a low reading. After a week of going thru many articles and meetings he has decided to wait at least a year before making any decisions. So for now we are taking it one day at a time and trying not to let it affect the positive things that are going on in our lives. Onward and upward as they say.
Last Tuesday turned out to be international night at Stitch and Bitch. Stephanie is from France and Anita from Great Britain. Stephanie[in orange]lives in our town and is here on a green card, her husband who is originally from the Andes is a citizen. She joins us on a regular basis and we love to listen to her stories of getting by in this strange world that we live in. They have 2 children Matisse who is 8 and Jeanne she just turned 2. Stephanie is currently looking for a job that would allow her time with Jeanne and is looking into pre-schools that would be interested in someone that can speak 3 yes 3 languages. She has finally gotten up the courage to make appointments and schedule interviews. We are very proud of her.
Anita was visiting a cousin who is a member of our group and was being taken on a world wind tour of New England. She was telling us about Cape Cod and her dining on lobster,always a favorite here in the summertime. We also wanted to hear about her corner of the world but, time seemed to run out before we could ask all our questions. Hopefully now that we have made her acquaintance we will have more opportunity to really talk. We obviously didn't get much stitching done but I must say it was a great visit.
I've been canning and the closet is starting to fill up. So far I've made 2 jams, strawberry fig and Blueberry both got a thumbs-up from the family. Also in the cupboard is smoky salsa and a basil tomato sauce. I'm hoping to have enough in stock to stay out of the grocery store for the month of February. The freezer is also chock full.It seems I overestimated our need for meat. I've got lots of beef, a 14lb ham 20 chickens and 2 turkeys One will be showing up in November. My 4 children will be there for me to make sure none goes to waste.
On the energy side my husband and I have purchased a pellet stove to help with the high cost of heating oil. It's currently sitting in our garage waiting to be installed. Our nephew is a mason and has set up an appointment to install by September 10.We also canceled our TV service to save on our expenses. We thought this would be traumatic but, it's been a month and we are not at a lost for things to do as of yet. Well I could go on and on but, as usual I have so many things that must be done today so bye for now .............................said the hobbit

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