Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here I am

I guess you must be thinking that I decided to abandon all of you ,but,no it's just been crazy busy around here this month. Last April my hubby volunteered me to do the centerpieces for his 50th class reunion. I of course had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do so I had it narrowed down to about 20 ideas when the youngest asked if I had seen Sister Diane's
latest post.It seems she had attended a class that dressed people in different attire sort of paper doll fashion.
That seemed like a fun thing to do , so out came the scissors and paper and ribbon and I proceeded to dress them as though they were going to the prom.

Eight of the students had passed away so I did the girls in white and placed wings on the back .Everything was connected with brads so the arms could be moved.They held hands around a megaphone with school letters on it. I have to say it went over pretty well. Everyone took themselves home at the end of the evening.

Of course Jiggy was the cutest of them all. As my friend Betty would say "You gotta love em".Well I must be off lots to do .Canning right now and I'm having a ball....................said the hobbit


The Urban Hippie said...

Those are totally awesome!!!!

GloamingDesigns said...

so fantastic! i adore this idea - well done