Friday, August 8, 2008

Yup, It's me again

Can you believe I made it back so soon? Today was a day off and that's exactly what I did. I got up late, made coffee,did the must do activities[shower,dishes,get dress]and took off to spend a few hours with the youngest The sun was shining,I stopped to pick-up coffee snacks and headed to her house. My phone rang and she informed me it was raining to beat the band just 20 min away. Nay no way said I it's beautiful here. Well the closer I got the darker it got. I was about 2 miles from her home when it was raining so hard I couldn't see the on coming traffic,except for those kind enough to have their lights on. When I reached her driveway I ran all of 10 feet to her door and was dripping wet. We took our time having our apple strudel snack and hoped the rain would let up before we did some second-hand shopping.Finally we were in Portsmouth and ready to see some of the newer shops that have opened this year. We meet almost every week however shopping trips have been few and far between. She was hoping to show me a new gallery but they were setting up for an evening show so we didn't get in.The town of Portsmouth is of course a port. When we got in town something major was coming into the harbor and the bridge was up for about 30 min. or better. We chose this time to visit our friend Ellen. It takes us about 20 min just to decide what marvelous treat we want. Ellen wasn't in,she was in the kitchen creating something yummy. We decided on 4 pieces of chocolate,2 sea salt chocolate covered caramels and 2 marshmallow chocolate covered caramels. We hopped into the car ate our treats and waited for the bridge to come down. The bridge crosses over into Maine where I wanted to show her a new thrift shop that I had been hoping to stop into,but, never seemed have the time .Although we both came out with goodies I got the best deal. She came running to me to show me this cute little apron in MY favorite colors. Of course I claimed it as mine after all I am the Mama. It's just the cutest gingham check with very simple white cross-stitching and I love it. Lucky me aprons are often worn at the barn so I can show this one off. We'll I must be going Today I get to have lunch with Renoir,she just purchased a new vehicle and I have yet to see it. Sooo off to eat sushi and have fun............................. said the Hobbit

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scj said...

That is such a cute apron! What a great thrift shop it must have been. I haven't stopped by in a while and I love the idea of strawberry fig jam in an earlier post. Sorry to hear about hubby and his health though and hope that the treatment is really effective. Thanks for commenting on my blog recently too.