Thursday, July 17, 2008

Did you miss me???

I'm finally getting to the point that things are feeling closer to the norm. It's been a hectic 3 weeks and I'm trying to fit this blogging thing in but, the veggies just can't be put on hold while I play with my computer. Lots has been happening with the family and I've got all my people needing my undivided attention at this moment. This afternoon I'm going to a urologist with my husband. He has had some fluctuation in his numbers since his last physical and they would like to have a closer look. I'm going for moral support. My "Jiggsy" always functions better if I'm by his side,he's such a sweety. I, on the other hand, do best when left alone.
These are the bright lights of N.Y. city. On our arrival we ate at one of my favorite places "Balthazars" We had walk about 30 blocks when I stopped to take this picture. Our hotel Le Parker Meridien was an additional 37 blocks away. The temperature was hot and steamy and with so much going on around us who, would want to sit in a stuffy old cab. Well I hate to end so abruptly but my day is chock full of must dos. I promise to be back tonight for a second post. Ayah, I missed you guys a little too..........................said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

Yeah! So glad to hear you are back! YES! I did miss you!