Thursday, June 26, 2008

Going to the big city,to process

I can' t believe it's already time for the Fancy Food Show. Sarah gave me this lovely print and I think it explains me to a T. I am forever in the process of. I always thought I would be done but, somewhere around 40 ish I realized we are all in the process, so now I'm happy with that . So this week I'm switching gears and putting on my N.Y. city hat to taste marvelous goodies in hopes of bring back just what my people need to comfort them thru these times. Of course we always allow a little time for us to process the big city . Included in this trip is always a visit to N.Y. city bakeries and restaurants and yarn shop and Takashemaya one of my all time favorite places to go. I went there for 3 years and savoured every inch of the store{mostly gardening treasures} before the owner asked "Have you seen the other 5 floors" Can you believe that? 3 years loving a place and not even seeing 20% of it. Well you can bet this country bumpkin got right on that elevator and checked out the rest. Every floor is totally different but the connecting thread is quality. The children's department has all unique gifts and books that will be treasured for a life time. I have 2 baby prezzies needed for this year so I finally get to shop this department. So I must rush off many things to do ............I'll never be ready but I'm in the process..........................said the hobbit

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Anja said...

look us up when your down in NYC. during the work week. Hopefully we talk sooner rather