Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Reading

Just getting started on these books New and Old.Hope to finish by August. That is if I can figure out how to squeeze out a few more hours in the day. Just 2 would be great. I'm not trying to be ridiculous. Am I? Amy Sedaris I like you is pretty funny and informative.It's about entertaining and being more relaxed then "Martha" would have us think is possible. Amy has lots of ideas about using what you have in the house already to get a theme going.It's all very tongue in cheek,and give me the occasional chuckle as I can sometimes take things to seriously. Country Wisdom is for the person who whats to sustain themselves with no outside help. There isn't anything you need that is not in that book. Build an outhouse? Oh ya they can tell you how to do that. Good info if you want to leave the real world for awhile. Sweet miniatures by Flo Braker, my new obsession. Maybe it's because I think I should be downsizing. I'm not sure but,I can't wait to get my teeth into this one. Four season Harvest tell you how to grow your produce despite the fact that you live in a tundra for 6 out of 12 months. Could be useful if transportation take a bigger bite out of my grocery bill. Good Housekeeping circa 1932 I read this just because. No other reason than I have to reassure myself that we are going to survive whatever comes next. As you can see Champignon is still on my blog.He's sort of my conscience.Right now he's busy talking on my new phone. The girls at Stitch and Bitch thought I needed to get with the real world so on my birthday they got together and bought me this phone. Champignon loves it and sends a big thank you to all the girls. I'm hoping to have a chance to try it out if he ever gets off. I think he met someone online I'll ask him when he hangs up. Brings back memories of when the kids were home.

On the farm we are picking our first berries. Picture is a little fuzzy but, I was so excited my hands were shaking. Berries are my favorite. We'll be eating them as is for awhile but I'm hoping to find an appropriate recipe in Flo Brakers' book. Or maybe someone out there has a recipe to offer.
Tomorrow is Fathers Day and it's going to be a busy one so I think I'd better get a little rest. Lots going on.Boys are golfing with Dad, Sarah has her students giving a year end performance. This is her final with this dance school.She is moving on to do more creative work elsewhere but, is finding it hard to say goodbye to her students. So mum will be there for support. Diner has to be cooked and I get an e-mail that my local chickens are ready to be picked up at 11am. Looks like that's on my list of things to do. Well that's it for now Happy Fathers Day to everyone out there, hope it's filled with lots of hugs and warm moments..........................said the hobbit

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S'mee said...

I love the *idea* of summer book lists, but I am always so lax at getting through them!

Flo Braker is a goddess according to Sis, good stuff ahead for you!

I remember when I was little my mom taught a class on butchering a rabbit. How to skin it in a way that utilizes the skin, saves the bladder for a ball and using the meat in a stew. Yeah, that was a fun class to take.

Four Season Harvest??? Do they tell you how to plant in clay and heat??? Who are these people and how do I learn from them????

Thanks for the reminder....I need to purchase some nonGMO and heritage seeds...